Exam 1 will be Wednesday the 25th of September, in class

As announced in class today, the first exam will take place on Wednesday, 25 September 2013, during the usual class time (8:30am) in the usual classroom (Humanities 1003). The test will cover all material from the beginning of the year up to and including today’s (Wednesday, 18 September) lecture. You will be tested on concepts as well as techniques, so make sure you understand the ‘why’ of everything, not just the ‘how’.

What we’ve done:
– Mathematical induction
– Transpose of a matrix, symmetric matrices
– Section 1.2 (systems of linear equations)
– Section 1.3 (Markov chains, dynamic models)
– Section 1.4 (linear programming, over- and underdetermined systems)
– Section 2.1 (matrices, vectors)
– Section 2.2 (matrix multiplication)
– Section 2.4 (matrix algebra)
– Section 2.5 (norms and bounds, eigenvalues and eigenvectors)
There is no homework this week.
If you’re nervous about the test, just think about how nice-looking cooked mushrooms can be:
And check out that cheese!
Feeling better, right?
Unrelated to the exam: wheat scenes from Love and Death can be found here and here

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