HW 9

The last homework is here. It will be due Monday 2 December 2013, in class. 

Section 4.2: 7, 8
Section 3.5: 20
Section 5.3: 1, 2, 3(a) and (b)
You’ll want to use a computer to calculate some of the matrices in some of the problems. I recommend using Matlab through the Virtual SINC site:
To borrow a phrase from Rubeus Hagrid: it’s dead useful.

Sometimes when I listen to a lot of new music it is a little overwhelming and it’s hard to remember what was good and what was not so good. So sometimes I’m a little surprised when I go back to certain certain artists and I have that old familiar feeling of listening to a song that I like. It’s a good feeling. Anyway, 

Banks (she has more danceable songs like this one, which is not to be confused with the track of the same name from earlier this year by Iggy Azalea (new remix dropped recently is pretty good, if somewhat brostep for my taste), 
Deptford Goth (he’s kind of like James Blake meets The xx except a little less minimalist), 
Adesse (sample on that track is from O Superman by Laurie Anderson, who’s OG and the recent widow of Lou Reed, the legend. If you get nothing out of this class but the fact that The Velvet Underground were one of the best bands ever, I’ll have done my job (okay, not really, but they were amazing. Their début was the first album I ever bought on vinyl)),
and Perera Elsewhere are pretty good.
In other news, winter is coming:

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