Office hours this week / exam 3 ready for pick up

    – I just received a delivery to my office of the graded exams, so if you want to come by and pick yours up, I’ll be here for a while — probably past my bedtime. If I leave the office I’ll put the exams on a chair outside my door. 

    – Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will hold my usual office hours from 3 – 5pm, and Wednesday I will have office hours from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. If you just want to come by to get your exam, that’s okay, too. I ain’t mad atcha.
    – I also recommend getting your old homework assignments from me so that you may study from them. I have a whole bunch in my office. On the bright side (literally!) they’ll be excellent tinder for a bonfire if you don’t collect them.
    – Just to be clear, I used the first eight homework grades to calculate those weighted average percentiles, but your final averages will be computed using the best eight homework grades. I only used the first eight because those are the ones that are graded
    – I know it might be getting annoying, but this is the last time I mention them, I swear: the course evaluation period ends today so if you’ve not yet done, please fill it out here. If you really don’t want to do it, that’s okay. I understand. I just wanted to mention it one last time in case some of you have been putting off doing it. We’re at 47.75% reporting, which is good (I think) but it’s tantalizingly close to half so I decided to risk coming off as a boor and put in a final plea. Thanks for tolerating it.

J.M.W. Turner was a boss:

He was the original “Painter of Light,” regardless of the trademark that bum Thomas Kinkade registered. Kinkade was one of the wackest artists of all time, but I admit he is kind of a fascinating figure. If he weren’t so omnipresent his work would be merely laughable, but his commercial success is such that seeing a Kinkade print actually makes me kind of angry and/or nauseous. And that fact, that I have a reaction to it, forces me to consider his merits as an artist. There’s a Thomas Kinkade store in Port Jefferson, right down Main Street from the decent cheese shop C’est Cheese. Makes me wanna holler.

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