Homework things, mostly

Tomorrow I’ll be doing review for half the class, so if you have questions bring them in. Solutions to HW 1-3 are posted in the Assignments tab.

A couple of notes on HW 4, which is due tomorrow:

Don’t forget to do problem 9 of section 2.5 for both systems.

For problem 11 of section 2.5, note that in the problem c denotes the measured value, whereas in Example 5, to which the problem refers, c denotes the actual value. To reduce confusion I suggest using p to denote measured population and pA to denote actual population. Of course, if you’ve already used different notation, that’s fine; just make sure what you have makes sense.

Paco de Lucía died today. His most famous song was “Entre dos Aguas.” Here he is playing the Adagio from Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with a cor anglais solo by an unknown homie. I first heard Aranjuez in Miles Davis’s version from the latter’s great album Sketches of Spain.  “Entre dos Aguas” was in the Vicky Cristina Barcelona soundtrack, which has some pretty dope Spanish guitar music, including a couple of pieces from Isaac Albéniz’s tremendous Suite Española, which I’m pretty sure is my favorite piece of classical guitar music.



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