Exam 3 / cowabunga

I suppose I should’ve mentioned this in last night’s email, but your last in-class exam will on the last day of class — Thursday, May 8th. It will cover everything we will have covered since exam 2 — all the stuff from the posted lecture notes, plus section 4.2 (yesterday’s lecture), plus the material we’ll be doing next week (which will come from section 5.3 and maybe a bit from 2.6 and/or 3.5). The final exam will be on Monday, May 19th, from 2:15 – 5:00 pm. The location is TBD; I requested a larger room than our regular classroom but haven’t yet heard back.

Gregory Corso was a Beat poet who is interred at the Protestant Cemetary in Rome (which is a dope spot to visit if you’re ever in the Eternal City). He wrote his own amazing epitaph:

is Life
It flows thru
the death of me
like a river
of becoming
the sea

That’s definitely one of my favorite similes of all time. Corso also once heckled Allen Ginsberg at a poetry reading that my aunt went to, at the St. Mark’s Church-In-The-Bowery. They were chums, though. (Corso and Ginsberg, I mean. But actually Corso and my aunt were also chums. She is another example of a very cool person from Poughkeepsie; in fact, it was she who told me about Lee Miller.)

gc  grave



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