HW 7 Corrections

Some vigilant students have pointed out a couple of errors in the homework 7 assignment, in problems 2(b) and 5. The statement to prove in problem 2(b) was incomplete, and there was a missing ‘x’ in the first term of the third equation in problem 5. The assignment has been updated with a corrected version

Today’s cheese is Mt. Tam, which is awfully tasty with a nutty raisin bread. It’s an American classic from Cowgirl Creamery in California.

HW 7 posted in full

It’s up, y’all. Due this coming Wednesday.

Celebrate by eating some Brillat-Savarin cheese, which is a very rich triple-cream named after one of my personal heroes, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, who is responsible for the quotation “You are what you eat”, though what he said was actually “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are” (well, he wrote it, and in French it was “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es”, but you get the idea). He also said “A dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye”. But seriously, you should eat cheese for dessert. Just make sure to take it out an hour or two before you eat it so it gets to room temperature. 
Here’s a handy guide to pronouncing the names of some famous mathematicians:

HW 7 / documents / treasure chests

Hello students,

I’ve added new lecture notes in the Documents tab. The homework 6 solutions are also available. I’ve posted part of homework 7 in the Assignments tab, in case you want to get started. Tonight I will update the file to include the rest of the assignment.
If you’re scared of theoretical linear algebra, try sleeping with a night light. Just remember that running away from the problem won’t do any good. Even in its wildest moments, this subject is conquerable. 
This post brought to you by Jessie Ware, for some stupid reason. 
Locatelli pecorino romano cheese is the best cheese to put on pasta. Even better than parmigiano-reggiano. For real tho.

Update to HW 6 / Lecture notes posted

– I’ve updated the homework 6 assignment. Problem 8 will be part of next week’s assignment, and I’ve added a problem to this week’s assignment.

– I’ve also posted my notes for the past couple of lectures. They include material that will be covered on Wednesday. 
– Sorry I didn’t have the exams today; I forgot to get them from my office on Friday. You can come get yours tomorrow during office hours, and I’ll bring the rest to class on Wednesday.
Époisses is a very stinky cheese. You can’t get real Époisses in the US because raw-milk cheese that’s aged less than two months is illegal. It’s a real bummer. The pasteurized version is okay, though.

Exam 1 will be Wednesday the 25th of September, in class

As announced in class today, the first exam will take place on Wednesday, 25 September 2013, during the usual class time (8:30am) in the usual classroom (Humanities 1003). The test will cover all material from the beginning of the year up to and including today’s (Wednesday, 18 September) lecture. You will be tested on concepts as well as techniques, so make sure you understand the ‘why’ of everything, not just the ‘how’.

What we’ve done:
– Mathematical induction
– Transpose of a matrix, symmetric matrices
– Section 1.2 (systems of linear equations)
– Section 1.3 (Markov chains, dynamic models)
– Section 1.4 (linear programming, over- and underdetermined systems)
– Section 2.1 (matrices, vectors)
– Section 2.2 (matrix multiplication)
– Section 2.4 (matrix algebra)
– Section 2.5 (norms and bounds, eigenvalues and eigenvectors)
There is no homework this week.
If you’re nervous about the test, just think about how nice-looking cooked mushrooms can be:
And check out that cheese!
Feeling better, right?
Unrelated to the exam: wheat scenes from Love and Death can be found here and here