kyle mooney

Exam 2 information

I’ve posted a practice exam in the Documents tab, along with the solutions. You should go to Slava’s review session today; it’s going to be a hoot, and also very helpful. 

Maybe you caught Sam Smith’s performance on SNL this past week (Louis C.K. hosted; it was one of the stronger episodes of the season, not least because of the continued prominence of the Good Neighbor Stuff crew. Kyle Mooney has been pretty much my favorite comedian for a while now. My friends have mostly gotten used to my forcing them to watch Kyle videosThey’re just so good. Now that Kyle and Beck are on SNL they don’t really update their YouTube channels, but I remember being so excited when a new video would drop. It was like Christmas (sometimes literally!)).

But anyway, Sam Smith is a pretty cool dude. I was hoping he’d play the acoustic version of his breakout single with Disclosure, “Latch,” on SNL but he didn’t, so whatever. It’s quite a lovely tune, though, all stripped down. Interestingly, both videos I just linked feature dudes in shirts with the top button buttoned (and no necktie). It’s a strong look. I like it under a blazer or a cardigan, but I usually get too worked up teaching to be comfortable rocking it during class. Need that neck space, nahmean? Gettin loose with it.

In unrelated news, broccoli rabe is a fairly underrated vegetable:

broc rabe


Exam 1 solutions

The solutions to exam 1 are posted in the Documents tab. They’re JPEGs because the department photocopier wasn’t working earlier when I went down. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow and I can replace the pictures with scans.

Your next homework will be due on Thursday, 13 March 2014. Here’s the assignment:

Section 3.1: 24(i), 28, 34

Section 3.2: 3abcd, 4abcd, 8, 9ab, 12, 20

Your next exam will probably be on Thursday, 3 April 2014.

We’re going to grade the exams tomorrow, hopefully we’ll finish up and get the grades on Blackboard by the late afternoon. 

If you’re bummed about the exam, you should watch some Kyle videos to get your spirits up.

If you’re into True Detective, you should watch director Cary Fukunaga’s debut feature film Sin NombreIt was on Netflix Watch Instantly back in the day, but isn’t anymore; you’re enterprising college students, though, so I’m sure you can find a pirated copy if you’re not about paying for stuff.

Manchego cheese comes from sheep, not goats. Come on guys. Goat’s milk cheeses are usually brilliant white, like Monte Enebro:

monte enebro

Monte Enebro has the added benefit of figuring prominently in one of my best freestyle verses:

Other rappers they can chase that cheddar
That ain’t enough, I know I can do better
Gettin at that Pont l’Évêque and the Monte Enebro
Just turnin one into two like Serbia and Montenegro

It has all three classic hip-hop references: fine cheeses, geopolitics, and hustling.

“If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you’ll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.”